Lynwood Pump Station Reconstruction Project


The goals of this project are to reduce flooding conditions and road closures by:

  • Increasing pumping capacity
  • Improving reliability of the pump station

The project would:

  • Upgrade existing pumps and bring electrical and mechanical systems to current standards
  • Add a new motor control center equipped with a warning and alarm system
  • Add an automated system to switch power to an emergency generator so the pump station continues to function in the event of a power outage
  • Add an additional 10,000 gallons per minute pumping capacity to better protect the surrounding community by allowing the detention basin to collect flows during peak storm runoff events

In 2005, we made plans to replace this now over 50-year old pump station and nearby Cheda stormwater pump station. The Zone did not have adequate funding at the time so the project was put on hold.

Since then, repairs and replacements have cost $369,312. This includes replacing the pump station discharge pipes, several severely corroded beams that are part of the pump station structure, and several repairs to and replacements of the pumps and motors.

During the 2016-2017 winter storms, Novato Creek flooded nearby areas along Highway 37. The highway was closed repeatedly for weeks at a time while portable pumps were used to redirect floodwater into Lynwood Detention Basin.

This basin’s water levels are controlled by the pump station. The extra water in Lynwood Detention Basin resulted in flooding conditions to the Highway 101 off-ramp at Rowland Way, which was closed for the duration of flooded conditions.

We applied for FEMA funding to reimburse storm-related damage costs and to upgrade the Lynwood Pump Station. The funding was denied because the facility was already reaching the end of its design life.

During routine preventive maintenance on two of the pump station’s four pumps in 2019, we discovered that the beams supporting them were severely corroded and the pump station structure is in need of rehabilitation as soon as possible. We've taken short-term measures to reinforce the structure.

Timeline and funding

Given limited funding, this project is on hold until completion of a potential feasibility study of alternatives.

Status: On hold


Zone 1: Novato

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