Marin County Sea Level Rise Transportation Web App


As part of the County's Bay shoreline adaptation efforts, Marin County collected extensive data on the near- and long-term sea level rise impacts to transportation assets within Marin County. This information, combined with data from regional transportation agencies, presents a complex picture of how sea level rise flooding could significantly disrupt transportation flows in Marin. To make Marin’s transportation network more resilient to sea level rise, we need to integrate identified sea level rise vulnerabilities into transportation project planning and transportation asset maintenance activities.

This project will produce an online web mapping application (“application”) that provides transportation planners and public works engineers a way to view and investigate spatially-specific data on potential impacts and consequences of sea level rise to the transportation network within the incorporated and unincorporated communities of Marin County. This application will allow users to identify specific areas of interest and receive critical information via custom reports about the roles those locations might play in local travel given certain sea level rise scenarios and how certain adaptation strategies at those locations may contribute to county-wide transportation resiliency to sea level rise.

This project aims to:

  1. Improve access to the growing body of sea level rise information to public works engineers who plan, design, and implement transportation operations.
  2. Inform current capital improvement project design early in planning processes.
  3. Facilitate increases in knowledge and understanding about the scope, scale, and effects of sea level rise and appropriate engineering responses.
  4. Help ensure transportation systems are operational in emergency situations.
  5. Identify near- to long-term solutions that can reduce impacts of flooding on transportation assets.
  6. Avoid disruptions to the Marin County transportation network due to sea level rise.


Development of the web application is anticipated to be completed in 2023.


This project is funded by XXXXXX.

Agencies and partners

  • Marin County Department of Public Works
  • GreenInfo Network
  • Tom Robinson Consulting


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