Flood Zone 6 Statement of Proposed Action: November 21, 2022

Nov 21 2022

Statement of Proposed Action has been prepared in place of a meeting. According to the California Water Code, Section 68-6.2 Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) staff submits this Statement of Proposed Action to provide any Zone 6 Advisory Board (AB) member an opportunity to respond or provide written comment on the item outlined below within the next 30 days on or before December 21, 2022.

Any individual AB member may contact the Flood District at floodinquiry@marincounty.org to request an AB meeting to discuss any items related to the zone. To comply with Brown Act requirements, all meetings of a quorum of AB members to discuss Zone business must be publicly noticed.

Item 1. Maintenance Agreement with City of San Rafael

The Advisory Board recommended expenditures up to $8,000 per year in reimbursement to the City of San Rafael for creek and drainage maintenance. In FY 2021, actual costs for cleaning the ditches and drainage structures along Corrillo Road, Merrydale Road, and the tracks, vactoring leaves, and street sweeping were $37,537.73, with the bulk of the cost being for cleaning the ditches. In FY 2022, actual costs to clear ditches and drainage structures, respond to a collapsed retaining wall in the city-owned ditch, and the replacement of fences on top of city-maintained drainage was $32,724.96. City staff has requested to increase the annual reimbursement to $35,000 per year starting in FY 2023. Additionally, costs for environmental permitting of maintenance are also increasing.

At the October 20, 2022 advisory board meeting, the advisory board requested to reduce the annual agreement amount proposed to $28,000 and provide details on what scope of work that could fund. The City of San Rafael provided the table below.

Location Activity Equipment Number of People Hours Cost Estimate
Creek between El Prado and Mirada Aves Mowing, debris removal, trimming. Mower, weed whipper, truck 10 10 $6,250
Merrydale Ditch Mowing, debris removal, trimming. Mower, weed whipper, truck 10 8 $5,000
Corrillo Dr Ditches (403/405 and 26/24) Mowing, debris removal, trimming. Mower, weed whipper, truck 10 6 $3,750
Creek between 380 Merrydale and 3833 Redwood Hwy Mowing, debris removal, trimming. Mower, weed whipper, truck 8 10 $5,000
Emergency response reserve as needed $8,000
Total: $28,000

Recommended Action: Recommend the District Board of Supervisors increase the proposed budget by $20,000 over the FY 23-24 baseline budget to fund a maintenance agreement amount up to $28,000 annually with the City of San Rafael.

Proposed budget with adjustment can be viewed here: https://marinflooddistrict.org/meetings/zone-6-advisory-board-meeting-october-20-2022/#/tab-agenda-packet

Draft agreement can be viewed here: https://marinflooddistrict.org/documents/draft-zone-6-creek-maintenance-agreement/



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