Zone 5 Statement of Proposed Action: May 24, 2022

May 24 2022

Statement of Proposed Action has been prepared in place of a meeting.

An in-person meeting will be scheduled when the National Park Service has an update from the consultants working on the Stinson Beach parking lot project.

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Statement of Proposed Action

According to the California Water Code, Section 68-6.2 Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) staff submits this Statement of Proposed Action to provide any Zone 5 Advisory Board (AB) member an opportunity to respond or provide written comment on the item outlined below within the next 30 days (expires on June 22, 2022).

Any individual AB member may contact the Flood District at to request an AB meeting in order to discuss any items related to the zone. To comply with Brown Act requirements, all meetings of a quorum of AB members to discuss Zone business must be publicly noticed.

Item 1. Operations and Maintenance Update

Vegetation Update

Vegetation will be inspected this summer to see if any might cause significant reduction in flood carrying capacity of Easkoot Creek where the District has an easement between Arenal and the pedestrian bridge to the Stinson Beach parking lot. Minor debris removal such as tree trimming or removing garbage or invasive plant species may be required.

Sediment Removal

Sediment was removed from the channel adjacent to Parkside Café in late 2021 following a major storm in October that transported a significant amount of sediment to the area. Weather has been relatively dry since that storm and there is not enough sediment accumulated to warrant removal of sediment this summer.

Programmatic Maintenance Permit Status

State environmental regulatory agencies (CA Department of Fish and Wildlife and the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board) require programmatic maintenance permits for flood district agencies working in waterways. Activities requiring programmatic permitting include vegetation management, sediment and debris removal, erosion control, maintenance and repair of flood control structures, and levee maintenance. The process is described in the District’s Stream Maintenance Program (SMP) Manual. Staff are currently working with the Department of Fish & Wildlife and San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board on permit renewals.

Item 2. Update on Marin County Community Development Agency’s Stinson Beach Nature Based Adaptation Feasibility Study

The Community Development Agency (CDA) has completed a feasibility study looking at nature-based adaptation strategies for Stinson Beach. Read the final report and presentation.

CDA is now working on Adaptation Planning and Environmental Engineering for the Stinson Beach Adaptation and Resilience Collaboration (ARC).

Item 3. National Park Service (NPS) Beach Parking Lot Design Update

NPS sought comments from the public in late 2021 on this project and subsequently has been following up with various environmental regulatory agencies. NPS received a lot of great feedback that has led to a request for the project consultant to develop additional project alternatives for consideration. When the report on the additional alternatives is ready to present, a Flood Zone 5 Advisory Board meeting will be scheduled to review the results and have an opportunity for the public and board to provide additional feedback.

See the Park Planning website for future updates.

Item 4. West Marin Municipal Service Review

In March 2022, the Marin Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) released a public review draft of a Municipal Service Review (MSR) for West Marin, including Flood Zone 5. No specific changes were recommended by LAFCo for Zone 5. Review draft report.

Item 5. Zone 5 FY 2023-24 Proposed Baseline Budget

The County Administrator’s Office requested that the flood zones recommend a baseline budget for the beginning of each fiscal year that does not include major project expenses. Baseline budgets are intended to be relatively consistent year to year. Major project expenditures will require separate actions from the AB and District BOS to adjust the budget as needed. As usual, the approved budget may always be adjusted as necessary as priorities and cost estimates for projects and studies  planned for this coming fiscal year are more clearly identified. Review the proposed baseline budget.

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