Zone 7 Statement of Proposed Action: March 2, 2018

Mar 2 2018

Statement of Proposed Action has been prepared in place of a meeting.

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Statement of Proposed Action

Item 1. Zone 7 FY 2017-18 Budget Review

On December 13, 2017, The Marin County Administrator’s Office issued a “Budget Instructions” document that included requirements for “Special District” such as Flood Control Zone 7. The Marin County Flood Control & Water Conservation District (District), the corporate and political body of Flood Control Zone 7 (Zone 7), relies on applicable actions and policy of the Marin County Administrator acting as an ex officio officer of the District. Therefore, the Administrator’s Budget Instructions are applicable to Zone 7. These instructions include a requirement to enter the Zone 7 FY 2018-19 Budget into County Department of Finance’s accounting system by April 20, 2018, accompanied with a recommendation by the Advisory Board.

In order to meet the budget deadline described above, an Advisory Board (AB) meeting must be held in February or early March to present and review a proposed budget. Staff feels that this timing is not conducive to effective budget planning for Zone 7 for many reasons including the in-progress recruitment of a replacement zone coordinator. Staff would rather hold an AB meeting to review a proposed FY 2018-19 budget between April and June to allow better planning and the ability to report on status of current FY expenditures. The current FY 2017-18 budget could be submitted as essentially a placeholder to satisfy the Administrator’s instructions; and if needed, a budget adjustment could be undertaken later to ensure a final budget that meets the needs of the Zone is in place.

With this Statement of Proposed Action, staff is recommending that the current (FY 2017-18) budget be submitted to the County Administrator as the FY 2018-19 Budget for purposes of meeting the budget deadline with the understanding that the AB will recommend future changes toward a final budget later in the fiscal year.


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