How is this current stormwater planning effort different than previous stormwater studies for Marin City?

The current Marin City Stormwater Plan, which is being initiated in Spring 2023, will build on prior studies, including:  

  • 2018 Wood Rogers Marin City Drainage Study 
  • 2018 Marin City People’s Plan Designing our Own Solutions Report 
  • 2022 Schaaf & Wheeler Donahue Bypass initial concepts  
  • 2023 Siegfried Marin County Green Stormwater Infrastructure Development Study 

 (Studies available to the public upon request) 

 A major distinction is that the Stormwater Plan will focus heavily on community education, outreach, and input, exploring the ideas and priorities generated by community engagement. The Stormwater Plan also corresponds with other local projects that have been developed since the completion of the previous studies and stormwater planning efforts.   

 The Stormwater Plan will also update the hydraulic model for the watershed, providing a more holistic assessment by updating pipe information, including various smaller stormwater pipes, and additional drainage features that were previously not part of the model. Additionally, the new planning process will reevaluate potential public stormwater easements for implementing future flood mitigation infrastructure.  

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