I do not understand how boundaries of the easement areas are to be determined and located onto the title report parcel map. Exactly who determines if the existing levee is actually on our property and exactly where it is located in relationship to the property boundaries on the ground and in the title report. Is this being done by a licensed surveyor?

The survey work is being done by a licensed surveyor. Matt Vander Dussen works for GHD. In 2019 Matt conducted a topographic survey of the project area using a combination of Drone LiDAR, photogrammetry, and traditional survey methods. One deliverable from this work was a digital shapefile of the levee/TRB centerline.

In 2020 this work continued with a field survey of parcel boundaries to get everything into the same horizontal and vertical datum. Survey monuments for the property boundaries from record mapping are located in the street and thus did not require entering into backyards for measurement to determine parcel boundary location. Once the parcel boundaries were digitized they could be overlaid with the levee centerline and aerial photos. The easement area is a space delineated by a 5-foot offset to the levee centerline.

In lieu of staking, exhibits show the parcel boundary, proposed easements, levee centerline,
and aerial imagery.

The survey work by GHD has also been reviewed by the County Surveyor.

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