Is the easement negotiation process with each separate property owner entirely confidential? Or is any part of that process public information that is available to other Santa Venetia residents and property owners? Once there is a signed agreement with a property owner does it have to be approved by the District Board of Supervisors? Do the details of the agreement become public information at that time?

The negotiation process with each property owner is on an individual basis and is confidential beginning with the appraisal all the way through contract negotiations.

Once the contract is signed by a property owner, then staff would schedule it for approval by the District Board of Supervisors. At the time it is brought before the District Board the contract and staff report are made public.

The remainder of the property file including appraisal, correspondence between staff and property owner and any other related materials are kept confidential until such time that the purchase is completed which includes payment to the property owner and recording the easement at the Marin County Recorder’s office. If at that time, there is a request by the public to view a specific file then a Public Records Act request may be made.

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