My concern is that I am being asked to vote for a ballot measure that includes acquisition of easements without much knowledge of what to expect. While I can understand a need for confidentiality, I think there will be an issue of fairness under the scenario you outline. For example, if I were to convey an easement without compensation only to find out after the fact that my neighbor, with an identical situation, received some compensation, I’d probably feel slighted.

Every property where a permanent and/or temporary Flood Control easement is required will be treated the same. Each property will be appraised for the easement rights necessary for the project. Each property owner will receive an offer of just compensation for the easement rights. It is up to each property owner to decide if they want to voluntarily waive their rights to compensation and donate the easements to the District or accept the District’s offer. Note that a voluntary waiver would reduce the overall cost of the project and make more funds available for flood infrastructure specifically in Zone 7 – Santa Venetia.

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