The previous installation and repair of the TRB did not require large equipment, however there was large equipment used for the prototype. Will large construction equipment have to be used for the new synthetic structure? If so, how will it be brought into our backyards?

TCE’s may include driveways or side yards to connect the work area to Vendola Drive for equipment and material access purposes. These temporary access areas might be located every 5 or so houses depending on the location along the project and ease of access to the levee. The access needs will be identified and negotiated where there is access with minimal obstruction/disruption. In some cases there might not be room for the kind of equipment that was used during construction of the prototype such as a mini excavator and skid steer and the cost of creating that room for access is deemed too expensive and/or disruptive in certain locations. In these cases the contractor may have to complete the construction by hand, as with the previous installation methods, or if feasible, traverse the levee a further distance from a less disruptive access point.

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