Whose responsibility is weed control?

Weeds within the maintenance easement that may impact flood safety and/or required environmental plantings associated with the project will be controlled by and at the expense of the District. For example, if weeds are physically blocking District staff’s ability to assess the integrity of the levee system they may be pulled. Another example is if weeds on the waterside of the levee are significantly inhibiting the growth of necessary refugia for native species and environmental regulatory agencies require their management, weeds may be removed by the District. It is District policy not to use herbicides, but there will be no restrictions on homeowners of their ability to remove or use herbicides on weeds as they feel appropriate for their landscaping. Following 3-10 years of annual post-construction monitoring (depending on final project permit requirements), unless a specific issue is suspected, such as after a significant storm or winter period, or an inspection is requested by landowners, the District intends to inspect the easement no more than once per year, and therefore does not anticipate a need to frequent the easement for weed control. The TRB will be designed to discourage the growth of weeds within the TRB.

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