FAQ Topic: Zone 4A special tax

What is Flood Control Zone 4A – Strawberry Circle?

Flood Control Zone 4A is comprised of all parcels of real estate on Strawberry Circle in the unincorporated area between the City of Mill Valley and the Town of Tiburon. Flood Control Zone 4A was created by the Board of Supervisors of the Marin County Flood Control & Water Conservation District (District) to raise funds … Continued

Why is it called Flood Control Zone 4A?

Flood Control District 4 is a subarea of the District, which covers the entire county. Flood Control Zones were created in areas of the county that experience frequent flooding. In 2002, the boundaries of Flood Control District 4 were amended to include subzone 4A. Flood Control District 4 was the fourth zone to be created.

What is a special tax?

A special tax is a charge imposed upon parcels of real property for specific purposes.

What basis does the Flood Control Zone 4A have for imposing a tax?

Voters living in Flood Control Zone 4A passed Measure F in 2002 with over two-thirds of voters in favor. This allows the Flood Control District to levy a special tax for the purpose of maintaining a new flood control pump station that serves only the Subzone 4A community.

My property doesn’t flood, so why do I have to pay this tax?

The cost of flooding can be significant even to those whose properties are not directly affected. Even if there is no water on your property, access to Strawberry Circle can be hindered or precluded by poor drainage and the subsequent clean-up effort.

How is the amount collected for the special tax determined?

The rate of $220 per parcel is the per-parcel share for maintenance of the pump station. This amount was determined in 2002. There is no increase in the per year assessment to account for inflation and rising costs of operations and maintenance.

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