FAQ Topic: Zone 9 storm drainage fee

Where can I find my property’s square footage?

You can find information about your tax bill and parcel characteristics on the County of Marin Assessor Records and Maps webpage. You’ll need your parcel number, which can be found on your property tax bill.

Is there an exemption for seniors?

No, there are no exemptions based on age. The rate is based on the parcel square footage, impervious surfaces and the amount of rainfall runoff.

How is the fee amount determined?

The fee is calculated based on parcel size, use code, the amount of impervious surface on the property, and the resulting amount of storm water runoff each property contributes to the storm drainage system. The fee rates can be found in this report.

My property doesn’t flood, so why do I have to pay this fee?

Flooding affects everyone who lives in the Ross Valley. Runoff from uphill properties flows downhill and uses the existing creek system as its drainage system. In the 2005 flood: More than $90 million in damages were reported Police, fire and emergency services could not function properly Local business owners lost merchandise Schools, town halls, fire … Continued

What is the storm drainage fee used for?

The fee revenue is used to fund the Ross Valley Flood Protection and Watershed Program. The goal of this program is to manage stormwater and reduce the damage from flooding during significant storms. See annual fee reports for more information: https://marinflooddistrict.org/documents/storm-drainage-fee-update-2022-2023-final-signed/

What is a storm drainage fee?

A fee is a charge imposed on an individual or business for a service or facility provided directly to an individual or business. The amount of a fee may not exceed the cost of government to provide the service. The storm drainage fee pays a portion of annual costs for flood protection programs.

Why is it called Flood Control Zone 9?

Flood Control Zone 9 is a subarea of the District, which covers the entire county. Flood Control Zones were created in areas of the county that experience frequent flooding. Flood Control Zone 9 was the ninth zone to be created.

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