Flood Zone 4 Maintenance Update, Fall 2022

Posted on November 14, 2022

In Flood Zone 4, which covers portions of Tiburon and Strawberry, preventive maintenance at all pump stations takes place every year and includes the inspection, testing, and as needed replacement of electrical and mechanical components.  Maintenance was completed in September, and all pump station back-up generators were run-tested, the fuel checked and maintained as needed.

The week of September 19, the Conservation Corps North Bay (Corps) trimmed cattails and removed low and downed branches in the channel at East Creek. Willows branches in the channel are pruned in manner to pass flood flows while the trees help shade out the cattails. Additionally, the Corps cleaned debris from West Creek and the Karen Way Trash Rack.

Sediment and cattail root removal for East Creek was completed by a contractor along East Creek from the Karen Way drainage pipe outfall and approximately 100 feet downstream of the Cecilia Way crossing.

In addition to these maintenance activities, District crews check the trash rack at Karen Way, the Cecelia way creek crossings, and the trash racks at the pump stations before, during, and after storms.

For questions, please email Marin County Flood Control District.

Top 5 ways to protect yourself and your property:

  • Don’t rake leaves into the street, please use your green container. Leaves and yard debris left in the street will clog street drains and cause localized flooding.
  • Clean out the drainage structures on your property, such as rain gutters and drain grates. Do this in advance of a storm and in a safe manner, don’t wait for the rain to start falling.
  • Register with Alert Marin to received urgent news and notifications during emergency situations. Resources: https://www.marinsheriff.org/services/emergency-services/alert-marin
  • Stay informed by listening/watching local news from reliable news sources.
  • Have an emergency “Go Bag” ready at all times, so that you can be prepared to evacuate quickly and safely. This should include knowing your potential evacuation routes. Resources: https://firesafemarin.org/prepare-yourself/
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