Meetings and Community Outreach for Marin City Stormwater Plan

Posted on May 29, 2024

Meeting in school gymnasium for the Marin City Stormwater Plan, some members of the public are seated in chairs listening to a guest speaker.

The Marin City Stormwater Plan project team has been getting the word out to the community. To date, outreach has included: 

  • 20+ small outreach events (including site visits with residents and community office hours) 
  • 2 Community Meetings 
  • 3 Project Task Force Meetings 
  • 2 Community Services District meetings 
  • 1 Flood Zone 3 Advisory Board meeting 

 Upcoming events include: 

  • 3 Saturday Events: June 2024, to survey community priorities: 
    • June 8 — Emergency Preparedness Event, 10 am to 12 pm at George Rocky Graham Park (850 Drake Ave)
    • June 22 — Juneteenth Festival, 12 pm at George Rocky Graham Park (850 Drake Ave)
    • June 29 — Resident’s Council Meeting, 12pm to 3 pm at MLK Academy (200 Phillips Dr)
  • Task Force Meeting #4: June 2024, to review scoring of Project Concepts  
  • Task Force Meeting #5: Summer 2024, to review the draft report summary 
  • Community Meeting #3: Summer 2024, to present findings of Stormwater Plan upcoming events
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