Gallinas Creek winds thru grassy banks. In the background, a housing community sits behind a low earthen berm.

Gallinas Creek

The Gallinas Creek watershed is 5.6 square mile basin on the eastern side of Marin County between the Miller Creek and San Rafael watersheds. It has two main drainage areas:

  • North Fork
  • South Gallinas Slough

Flood Control Zones 6 and 7

The watershed includes two Flood Control Zones within its boundaries:

  • Zone 6: San Rafael Meadows
  • Zone 7: Santa Venetia

The Zones have advisory boards that oversee projects and how funds are spent. Their meetings are open to the public.

Learn about projects and find documents in the Flood Zone 6 and Flood Zone 7 pages.

Upcoming meetings for Zone 6 and Zone 7

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