Flood Control Zone 6: San Rafael Meadows


Zone 6 was created in the 1960’s to address frequent flooding in the low-lying neighborhood just west of Highway 101 across from the County Civic Center.

The Zone occupies a very small part of the Gallinas Creek Watershed. It is also the County's smallest flood control zone. It covers only 0.16 square mile entirely within the City of San Rafael.

The neighborhood was unincorporated when the Zone was established, but was annexed by City of San Rafael. The City now owns and maintains the Zone’s drainage easements.

There are 440 parcels in the Zone. In the early 2000s, construction of a new subdivision rerouted stormwater infrastructure around the community. This eliminated a significant cause of flooding in the zone.


Zone 6 is located within the Gallinas Creek watershed.

Work program

The Zone 6 work program includes an annual vegetation maintenance program along 0.75 mile of creek.

It is overseen by a five-member Advisory Board.

Upcoming meetings

This Zone does not have regularly scheduled meetings.


  • Phone: (415) 473-6528
  • Contact us by email
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