Marin City Residents Invited to Second Community Meeting for Stormwater Plan on March 9th

Posted on February 23, 2024

Map produced by first community meeting for Marin City Stormwater Plan.

The Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District is developing a comprehensive Stormwater Plan aimed at reducing flood risk in Marin City, an unincorporated neighborhood near Richardson Bay. The goal of the Plan is to address existing flooding conditions and identify potential solutions that enhance flood resilience in Marin City while accounting for community priorities.

The District is seeking community input on the Plan and will be hosting the second of three community meetings on Saturday, March 9, at 11 a.m. at Martin Luther King Jr. Academy. All members of the community are invited to this meeting to ask questions, weigh community priorities, and review draft concepts proposed for the Plan. The community’s participation and input are crucial in identifying effective flood risk reduction options.

During storm season and high tides, the Marin City neighborhood is regularly impacted by flooding tied to challenging drainage issues. Without improvements, this flooding may worsen and occur more frequently as climate change disrupts weather patterns, strengthens atmospheric river events, and raises sea levels.

The Plan will pinpoint areas for flood risk mitigation, drainage improvement, and preservation of public access. It will provide detailed recommendations for potential projects that local, regional, state, or federal agencies could implement. Additionally, the plan will support grant funding applications necessary for project implementation.

The community is encouraged to attend the in-person meeting on March 9 and stay engaged throughout the planning process, which is set to conclude in summer 2024. To see the project timeline and stay up to date on project development, residents can visit the project webpage. Information from the first community meeting and the Task Force events can be found in the Documents section of the webpage.

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