Proposed Cardinal Road Levee Project


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built a levee in the 1950s to reduce flood risk due to Coyote Creek overtopping for residents along Cardinal Road. In the 1970s the levee was built higher with concrete blocks. The levee and floodwall are reaching the end of their expected useful life.

This project will address seepage through the concrete wall and earthen levee from Flamingo Road to about 1,100 feet downstream along the left bank of Coyote Creek. The project will assess the problem and suggest possible courses of action.

Map showing extent of levees and floodwall near Crest Marin Pump Station.

The purpose of the Project is to design a flood barrier to reduce observed seepage issues, due in part to rodent burrows. In addition, the project would provide a 100-year level of tidal flood risk reduction for the first half of this century with expected sea level rise.


  • Begin environmental assessment and permitting by design firm – Summer 2024 
  • Consultant begins design process – Summer 2024  
  • Design recommendation made to Board of Supervisors – 2025  
  • Construction start date – 2025 or 2026


Projected project expenditures $3 to $5M, to be funded by Flood Zone 3.


Zone 3: Richardson Bay


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