Proposed Santa Venetia Floodwall Project

(Project was previously titled the Proposed Santa Venetia Levee Upgrade Project)


The purpose of this public safety project is to reduce flood risk for 576 households in the community of Santa Venetia, a low-lying area near San Pablo Bay, which is facing the impacts of sea level rise. The proposed project would be designed to reduce the risk of flooding for the community during 100-year water surface elevation on the Bay.  

The project was re-scoped in March 2022 following a cost estimate that exceeded available funding and, in July 2022, began a new design process led by a new engineering firm.

The recommended design was brought to the Board of Supervisors in March 2023. The design consists of a composite sheet pile floodwall extending approximately 1.5 miles along 111 properties on the bank of Gallinas Creek in Santa Venetia.  

The engineering firm’s work has been reviewed by Flood Control District staff throughout the design process, and updates were shared throughout 2022 at community meetings on July 27 and September 14, as well as at the October 13 Flood Zone 7 Advisory Board meeting. A report of the project design was released in October 2022. An updated report on the project design was released in March 2023.

Project map

Elevation map

To learn more about Gallinas Creek dredging and its relationship to the Proposed Santa Venetia Floodwall Project, please review the Santa Venetia dredging update and the County Service Area 6 webpage.


  • Project re-scoped - March 2022 
  • Design firm begins new design process – July 2022 
  • Design recommendation made to Board of Supervisors - March 2023 
  • CEQA re-evaluation process – 2023 - 2024



Estimated Right of Way-Related Costs (if project is approved) $4,000,000
Estimated Implementation Costs Subtotal: $15,400,000
Estimated Environmental Costs $500,000
Estimated Construction Cost (at 90% design, projected to 2025*) $13,700,000
Estimated Construction Management Costs $1,200,000
Total Estimated Project Implementation Cost: $19,400,000  
  • Includes 10% contingency and inflation of 12% in 2023 and 8% in 2024.



Available from Flood Zone 7 Fund Balance (as of December 2022, balance does not include Education Revenue Augmentation Fund (ERAF) funds) $300,000
County Sea Level Rise Project funding (from American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds) $1,000,000
County Contribution for Construction (2018 Commitment) $800,000
Potential Future Flood Zone 7 Loan Estimate from County (Loan)* $500,000
Total Estimated Revenue and Fund Source: $2,600,000

*Annual Zone Revenue (2022) is about $575,000 (~$250,000 annual maintenance expenditures plus ~$275,000 ERAF which are never guaranteed). The loan estimate is preliminary and for planning purposes only. The amount is for an assumed 10-year period and this proposed amount is not confirmed by the County Treasury at this time.

Estimate of Additional Future Grant Funds Required $16,800,000


Zone 7: Santa Venetia


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