Greenwood Bay Beach Restoration Project


The project will demonstrate bay beaches as a living shoreline design approach and a viable alternative to riprap and seawalls. Living shoreline techniques reinforce the shoreline and minimize coastal erosion, while restoring natural habitats for estuarine and coastal organisms.

Through strategic placement of native vegetation and natural materials such as sand, gravel, and cobble, bay beaches can protect tidal marshes behind them from further erosion.

Preliminary designs were funded through a partnership between the Marin Community Foundation and California State Coastal Conservancy.

Greenwood Beach is the beach along a public park in Tiburon. The project site was historically a larger, wider barrier beach that sheltered a non-tidal salt marsh with shallow seasonal ponds. The shoreline now includes:

  • Broad intertidal mudflats
  • A flood channel delta
  • A small salt marsh patch
  • Two small pocket beaches, surrounded by old bay fill and shoreline armoring





$380,000 grant from the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority


This project is not associated with a Flood Control Zone.

Agencies and partners

  • Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
  • San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority
  • Marin Community Foundation
  • California State Coastal Conservancy
  • Town of Tiburon


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