Flood Control Zone 3: Richardson Bay


Zone 3 was formed in 1956 to address creek and tidal flooding adjacent to Richardson Bay.

Zone 3 covers over 13 square miles. It includes the City of Mill Valley and several unincorporated communities:

  • Marin City
  • Alto
  • Sutton Manor
  • Almonte
  • Tamalpais Valley
  • Homestead Valley
  • Portions of Strawberry Point

There are 12,560 parcels in the Zone.

The boundaries of the Zone include the subwatersheds of

  • Arroyo Corte Madera del Presidio
  • Warner Creek
  • Coyote Creek

These all drain to Richardson Bay.


Zone 3 is located within the Richardson Bay watershed.

Work program

The Zone 3 work program includes:

  • Regular servicing of 13 pumps at 5 pump stations
  • Maintenance of 1.3 miles of flood protection levees
  • Maintenance of tidegates and trash racks
  • Annual vegetation maintenance program along 3 miles of creek
  • Periodic dredging of lower Coyote Creek to remove accumulated sediment in the concrete chancel to improve flow conveyance

The Zone is overseen by a seven-member Advisory Board.

Upcoming meetings

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