Flood Control Zone 4: Bel Aire


Zone 4 was created in 1957 to alleviate chronic flooding in Bel Aire and adjacent undeveloped lands. The boundaries of the zone were later amended to include Strawberry Circle.

Zone 4 is small, covering only 0.85 square miles and includes parts of the Town of Tiburon and Bel Aire and Strawberry Circle. There are 850 parcels in the Zone.

The boundaries of the Zone include the subwatersheds of East and West Creeks and Salt Works Canal, all of which drain to Richardson Bay.


Zone 4 is located within the Richardson Bay watershed.

Work program

The Zone 4 work program includes:

  • Regular servicing of 8 pumps at 3 pump stations
  • Maintenance of 0.15 miles of flood protection levees
  • Maintenance of tidegates and trash racks
  • Annual vegetation maintenance along 0.9 mile of creek

The Zone is overseen by a five-member Advisory Board.

Upcoming meetings

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