San Anselmo Flood Risk Reduction Project


The Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District has been working for the past several years on the San Anselmo Flood Risk Reduction Project (SAFRR), which is a significant effort to protect lives and property during severe storms.

There are three major elements of SAFRR: the completion in 2023 of a basin where Sunnyside Nursery used to be located; the removal of buildings and the Building Bridge 2 in downtown San Anselmo, along with creek bank improvements; and mitigation of any properties that could be impacted by the removal of BB2.

Check out these project components to learn more:

Next Steps


  •  Continue monitoring Building Bridge #2 (BB2) for stability and structural integrity. Possible emergency removal if imminent threat to public safety is identified. 
  • Ensure alignment with San Anselmo’s permitting requirements. 

Q1 – Q2, 2024 

  • Submit Letters of Map Revision (LOMR) to FEMA to formally assess the latest hydrology model developed by the Flood Control District. FEMA will review and determine whether there are any issues with the model. 
  • Coordinate with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) for grant extension, which could be granted through the 2028 funding cycle.  

Q3 – Q4, 2024

  • Submit Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMR) to FEMA for comment and consideration of potential impacts to the proposed SAFRR project, and whether any related changes would meet the National Flood Insurance Program standards.  

TBD 2025:

  • Proceed with BB2 removal, once mitigations are complete and requisite agencies have signed off on project. 


Flood Control Zone 9: Protecting the Ross Valley

Agencies and partners

  • Marin County Flood Control & Water Conservation District
  • Town of San Anselmo
  • Town of Ross
  • Town of Fairfax


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