Flood preparedness

Storm preparedness

When you hear that there is a “Flood Watch” or a “Flood Warning," it’s already too late to begin preparing for the high water.

It is crucial to prepare for the possibility of flooding ahead of time.

Things you can do now to be prepared

When can flooding occur

  • El Niño years: two major flooding years in Marin's history occurred during years with El Niño episodes (1997/98 and 1982/83). The District prepares every year as though it is an “El Niño year.”
  • Non-El Niño years: it is not unusual to experience major flooding in the absence of El Niño, such as in 2005/06.
  • Drought years: flooding can even occur during a drought year such as 2015, when the County suffered some of its worst flooding damage since 2006
  • Sunny days: high tides can impact low-lying coastal communities, and this will continue to worsen over time due to sea level rise.



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